2:45 Barış Dede - Aweli 3:45 Yai Yai live in Aweil South Sudan hotel 8:45 Awiel Naar 15:25 Aweil East country people protest for UNISFA to leave the area in NBGS 22:20 Mading Aweil of New South Wales Traditional Dance Group. 7:15 South Sudanese Women in (Aweil) NBG 6:07 AWEIL YEN UNMISS BY TWO BLACK TWO 10:00 AWEIL BELEDI BY DAU MABOTEL FT KONI BARIS SOUTH SUDAN MUSIC (OFFICIAL AUDIO) 39:15 Dany and loor aweil 5:31 AWEIL--MADING AWEIL by Bol Cathke Nhialic 5:58 SPLA army in Aweil, South Sudan (Part III) 6:02 Aweil JAZZ: John Kudusay 33:44 Aweil Gospel Songs 4:08 Auluic women affected by flooding in NBGS - Aweil 4:07 Hon: Kiir Yor Lual Commissioner of Aweil East County visited Auluic village 5:45 Artist King of Love (Kuol Garang) Diar Aweil Angic Diik 3019 4:32 AthokJok Adut Jok Aher - Bar Mading Aweil (Official Audio) 7:00 NYIBOL AMEL~DIAR AWEIL 6:39 Aweil all Official 2nd video of 2019 by Angelo Kiir Wieu 7:00 NYIBOL AMEL~DIAR AWEIL 5:31 AWEIL--MADING AWEIL by Bol Cathke Nhialic 10:19 Aweil Community Sydney HSC 2019 Graduation Party 5:43 women celebration day in Aweil 2:39 Alert: One Day in Aweil, South Sudan 1:25 Get together party in Aweil west 6:06 Training Of Military Forces In Padiit Aweil State 7:01 AWEIL EAST DUBAI BY DAU MABOTEL 5:59 Mading Aweil 18:02 Aweil Team in Aweil Town. 9:01 AWEIL EAST BY MASTA KING 4EVER 2:13 Improving agriculture in Aweil, South Sudan 2:58 Youth in Aweil, Northern Bahr El Ghazal, receive UNMISS-supported vocational training 5:50 Aweil Dubai By Y Two Jay 8:09 Aweil East Community USA Voices 2:38 Woman of Mading Aweil 5:35 Marko Piol Majok ft Deng Mtoto - Miith Aweil 6:17 WOL CLEAN ; MIITH MADING AWEIL 7:17 AWEIL PANDA BY MOU MAKEN 10:00 Children entertainment in Aweil (PartI)

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